September 1, 2014


Did you know that blankets/capes (not on couch, but on you) are in fashion? It was Burberry that led the way to this trend, but many other fashion houses have followed this grand old British brand.

My blanket, well yeah, it's just a big scarf made of lambswool, comes from Acne.


Meri said...

Lovey scarf! Forgot the "usual" Canada ones when saw this..

Gorgeous! Do you think the color corresponds to how it looks here ?

Funny that is says "back & white"..


Hi Meri, great minds think alike! Sorry btw for a late answer, I have been too busy to update my blog..

I think that the colour corresponds to the picture behind the like, but I really don't get why they call it "black/white", cause it's neither black nor white in any way! Go for it and you will feel warm the following winter :) Hug

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